Today’s Honoree is Ronco Johnson

Mr. Ronco Johnson, a native of Marietta, Georgia and Kennesaw State University alumni, serves as the President and CEO of L.R. Johnson & Associates, Inc., and the founder of The Ronco Johnson Foundation for Financial Literacy.

Since 1998, the former Atlanta Jazz radio personality has built a strong professional practice in the field of Insurance and Financial Services for nearly 15 years.

Mr. Johnson most recently recognized amongst “Who’s Who of Professionals and Executives for 2011-2012, “Business Person of Week” by The American Chronicle, and globally recognized by the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) for his industry accomplishments as a member of the highly exclusive “Top of the Table” membership which is the highest honor available to life insurance professionals and represents less than the top 1% of life insurance professionals in the insurance industry worldwide.

A nationally sought after motivational & inspirational speaker that has been published and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press (AP),, Life Selling Magazine and other national, international, and local publications.

Mr. Johnson also serves as the President of his local NAIFA chapter in Cartersville, Georgia  (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors), Executive Producer to the very popular contemporary jazz album “The Get Down Club” by Trumpeter Joey Sommerville and a soon to be author of his first book “When the Lights go out, are you ready?” 

“When The Lights Go Out, Are You Ready?” is a series of real life scenerios based around the topic of financial Literacy. This program is designed to educate the public about planning your financial future utilizing designs, concepts, and strategies used by insudustry professionals. These on air conversations have encouraged many to focus on matters within their control and begin having a better relationship with thier finances.

The program is provided through The Ronco Johnson Foundation For Financial Literacy founded in 2009, to provide financial literacy to economically disadvantaged families and children.

The Ronco Johnson Foundation is dedicated to providing financial literacy to economically disadvantaged adults and youths through fund raisers, seminars, workshops, and entrepreneurial programs to further the understanding of money matters and developing small business owners in these difficult economic times.

We educate local communities by sharing a series of financial concepts, strategies and designs used by industry professionals to create awareness to the importance of becoming more responsible with our financial decisions.

L.R. Johnson & Associates has partnered with the foundation to volunteer time, knowledge, and resources of financial professionals to moderate monthly courses. As part of their ongoing fundraising efforts,L.R. Johnson & Associates, Inc. and BSP Rewards has partnered through Fortune Hi Tech Marketing to help support The Ronco Johnson Foundation and financial literacy in our local community.

The Goal of LRJ&A is to raise $360,000 for the purpose of creating multiple college endowment programs for children who are currently in elementary school.

How it works….

As a member and loyal customer, you have the ability to earn points, redeem points, and receive discounts for shopping at your favorite store through our website from over 1,000 merchants .

When you renew your services or shop online through our website with your favorite service provider, the provider will share marketing revenues with L.R. Johnson and Associates, Inc. which are donated to The Ronco Johnson Foundation in support of financial literacy for economically disadvantaged adults (Cell phone, High Speed Internet, Satellite, Alarm System, Identity Theft, Amusement Pack for the family, etc.)

It’s simple and it’s FREE to join!

Contact Us

L.R. Johnson &   Associates, Inc. 2440   Sandy Plains Road N.E. Bldg.3,   Suite 210 Marietta, GA 30066 Phone: 770-321-1337  Fax:   770-321-2542

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