Today’s Honoree is Alissa Sears

Thoroughly experienced in International Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Brand Strategy, Ms. Sears heads Christie Communications’ Strategic Planning and Global Betterment Sectors and serves as the Executive Director of the ChristieCommUnity Foundation. Ms. Sears has extensive experience in the fields of sustainable business development, PR, marketing, event coordination, and international development. With her degree in Communication, Education, and International Relations from the University of California San Diego, additional studies in international teacher training, Ms. Sears has led the Christie Communications’ Strategic Planning Team to develop results-oriented, comprehensive strategies across multiple industries for clients ranging from natural products companies to impact investment groups, gourmet food products to non-profit organizations.

Ms. Sears’ integrative, cooperative approach to strategic planning and program development has effectively established brand strategies that simultaneously integrate community engagement of diverse audiences and models of community-based programs that integrate corporate responsibility, and the cooperation of local and international organizations for the benefit of targeted communities. She has created sustainable development programs in communities locally and internationally in disaster and conflict zones ranging from Northern Sri Lanka to Sudan, Burma to the South Asian Tsunami. Alissa began working in Northern Sri Lanka helping to develop Sri Lankan-run educational and leadership/sustainable development programs in the war-torn NorthEast. With the programs still running locally, Alissa has continued to build integrated, scalable models of corporate responsibility, and the cooperation of local and international organizations for the benefit of the communities. She also co-developed and is helping lead the implementation of the Village Reforestation & Advancement Initiatives in Sudan focused on developing community-led environmental and economic restoration programs that promote long-term sustainability and a vibrant local economy. She is a Board Member of The California Coast Venture Forum/Clean Business Investment Summit, HumaniTourism™, Safe Water International, the Weidemann Foundation, the Chad Relief Foundation, and an advisor to the Environmental Education Group, Nourish America, Create Global Healing, the Playful Planet Foundation, Catalyst for Thought, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, and many others.

For more information on Alissa Sears please visit Christie Communications

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