Today’s word is Barbara Howell

Barbara Howell has worn many hats. Her life has been made up of many careers: farmer, cosmetologist, wife, mother, grandmother, woodworker and now author.

Howell’s dream to write was birthed years ago while she attended the University of North Alabama.  Unfortunately, no sooner than her dream was realized, it again died, as family crisis pulled her into another direction: woodworking.

Howell went on to become the owner of Southern Ladies Showcases, a business that specializes in hand-crafted custom display cases to fit every collection and hobby.

Rising to the top of a man’s profession, Barbara didn’t allow handicaps, personal tragedy or financial devastation to stop her. She persevered and today her display cases are in homes and businesses around the world.

Years later, after stabilizing the successful business, Howell picked up her pen and again began to write. This time, however, she truly had a story to tell. Howell’s first book, “Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point” tells the story of her life.

Today, Howell spends most of her time, speaking and promoting Splinters, but still manages to find time to write for several magazines and is currently working on her second full-length book.

Howell is a member of the Tulsa Night Writers, The RHEMA Writers Bloc, The Fellowship of Christian Writers and the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.

Fore more information please visit

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