Today’s Honoree is Mark Trowbridge

Mark Trowbridge currently serves as the President and CEO of the Coral  Gables Chamber of Commerce.  He is the chief executive responsible for  the day-to-day success of the nearly 1500 member organization, working  with volunteer leaders engaged in the Chamber’s long-term business  development strategies and community initiatives.  Mark also serves on
the boards of the Beacon Council, University of Miami’s Citizen Board,  Actors’ Playhouse and the Coral Gables Community Foundation.

Mark also has provided consulting services regarding Volunteer   Management and Leadership Development.  He has worked with such  organizations as the Orange Bowl Committee, the Sony Ericsson Open,  Mayors’ Summit of the Americas, and International Pow Wow.  Mark also  previously served as an adjunct professor at Barry University and St.  Thomas University.

Mark received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of  Florida.  While serving as an administrator at the University of  Miami, he was named Administrator of the Year by the University of  Miami Panhellenic Council, Student Government and the Graduate  School.  He has also been elected to both Florida Blue Key and Iron
Arrow, the highest honors attainable at both the University of Florida  and the University of Miami.

His community involvement includes serving as President of the  national Board for the University of Florida Alumni Association, and  is a Past-President of the award-winning Gator Club® of Miami. He is  also on the Board of Governor’s of the Greater Miami Chamber of  Commerce, having served as Program Chairman of Leadership Miami, where
he has been honored with the Bill Colson Leadership Award.  Mark  serves as Chair of the Architectural Review Board of the City of Miami  Springs and is a member of the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation  Citizens’ Advisory Board and a director on the New World School of the  Arts Foundation.

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