Today’s Honoree is David Kronsteiner

Upon graduating from Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, OR, Mr. Kronsteiner attended Oregon State University where he received his B.S. in Math. After college, Mr. Kronsteiner went on to become a math teacher in South Australia where he also coached baseball and basketball. Mr. Kronsteiner returned to the United States where he pursued his business interests. He has continued the leadership of his father who founded West Coast Contractors in 1962. The past five decades have witnessed the growth and diversification of West Coast Contractors.

Mr. Kronsteiner has effectively run West Coast Contractors with unparalleled business persuasiveness for the last 29 years. Mr. Kronsteiner and the West Coast Contractors’ team have developed a proprietary Project Control System (PCS) that ensures effective job planning and execution. Mr. Kronsteiner’s business involves maritime construction which places him in direct contact with waterfront and maritime communities. He feels that his mathematical education is an asset to complex marine developments and his business management experience is a tremendous asset as well.

Mr. Kronsteiner resides in Coos Bay and was married to his devoted wife Barbara for 36 years. He has two daughters – Megan, 30, a graduate of the University of Oregon who is currently an attorney; and Emily, 28, a graduate of Oregon State University and a practicing Physician’s Assistant. Both young ladies live in the Portland, OR area. In Mr. Kronsteiner’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.

Under Mr. Kronsteiner’s leadership, West Coast Contractors has tackled some of the most challenging construction assignments with skill, speed, and a can-do, solution-oriented attitude. The firm has continued to thrive and grow from a three-man crane service to a regional force in the marine, heavy construction and pile-driving industries, continually exceeding the expectations of large and small clients alike. From ocean-whipped marine construction to sensitive development projects and breathtaking bridgework, West Coast Contractors has led the way in engineering new techniques and equipment to ensure effective completion.

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