Today’s Honoree is Debra Hosseini

Debra is an author, autism advocate, art curator, and mother of a 17 year old with autism spectrum disorder. Her 2011 book, The Art of Autism, which included 65 artists from around the world to gain exposure, build resumes, self-esteem, and has supported independence and potential future careers for the artists featured in the book. She is currently finalizing the 2012 edition of The Art of Autism, which will feature new artists and poets on the autism spectrum from all over the world.

Debra also supports parents, self-advocates, and the global autism community by providing free education and resources through her one-to-one work with the artists, parents, professionals, and autism community. Additionally, The Art of Autism’s live theatrical events have supported over 100 performance artists to promote their works in 5 live shows in Vancouver, Hollywood, New York, Massachusetts, and in Carpinteria, California.

Her work is not only an inspiration to many, but also is a passionate mission to provide education and supports to those with special needs at a global level. Debra has often spent her own money to keep her vision and mission alive. When Debra’s son, a talented artist with autism was dually diagnosed with Schizophrenia two years ago, she nurtured his mental health and wellness issues, (a terrible time for her family) all while continuing to show up for her work in advocacy and completing her first book. She never complained about how hard and challenging those times were for her personally, instead offering her story to others in the same predicament in an effort to educate, uplift and support their possibilities despite her own and her son’s personal challenges. Debra is a spiritual guide who changes lives by offering her story of faith and hope to multitudes.

For more information or to support Debra Hosseini please go to  The Art Of Autism

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