Today’s Honoree is Patricia Weaver

Patricia Weaver is a life transition specialist for individuals and organizations who want to access their highest and best contributions.

With tales from her adventures and life’s dramatic turning points plus years of business authorship and consulting, Patricia’s presentations deliver potent, practical prescriptions to help individuals avoid arrested development and focus on experiencing passion, purpose and joy in every moment. Listed among her past clients are IBM, Pan American Airlines, McDonald’s, Rand Corporation and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Patricia is an entrepreneur with a career spanning over 45 years. As a business woman, artist, designer, consultant, writer, publicist, product spokesperson, fitness consultant and inspirational speaker, Patricia serves as a personal coach to a wide range of active and retired professionals.

Recognized for her affiliation with volunteer organizations, Patricia’s kaleidoscope life reminds you to acknowledge the present and move past it to new experiences that enliven the rest of your life.

In Patricia’s Own Words:

At 75 years of age I’m following a calling and a purpose to ignite and unify our country by sharing my story as a child in WWII, and other stories of adults in their 60s and 70s who were also children during the war era. The war effort meant that we all, young and old participated in our countries need and stepped up with all our neighbors and supported our troops abroad, and our president. Very different then what we see today.

I was a dancer at age 5 if you can believe it with a Big Band, Kay Kyser, entertaining the wounded troops at the VA in Brentwood, California. I’m planning a documentary called” I am One of The Children of The Greatest Generation”. It will be a short form documentary of 30 minutes and will be of TV quality.

My plan is to tour the country hopefully with a corporate sponsor and show my film, and ignite people to get involved with our Veterans organizations today as funding is being cut back on just about everything. The interesting part of my story is this – I’ve never made a film before. Whew!!!! what a challenge! the bigger the project, the greater the preparation! Talk about stepping outside of the box!

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