Today’s Honoree is Veda Brown

Veda Brown is the founder and CEO of Sisters Empowered Network (SEN), a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping women correct and resolve any negative behaviors that have served as barriers to reaching their ultimate destiny.  The vision for SEN began in 2003, and the organization was formally incorporated in 2006.  The organization’s ultimate goal is to build a nonprofit multipurpose faith-based networking facility and provide a comprehensive residential resource for adult women.  Slated to open in the latter part of 2012, the facility will be designed to educate and promote empowerment for women through training and the provision of all necessary resources to empower them.  Among the identified resources are a productive welfare to work program, a job bank combined with a computer lab, parenting groups and a resolution program for affordable housing for independent living skills development.  SEN will also provide services for chemical dependency, sexual trauma and mental health.

Described as an inspirational and encouraging people person, Veda takes the task of running SEN to heart.  The Atlantanative has experienced her own share of devastation through the tragic death of her husband, who was gunned down in an armed robbery.  The tragedy presented her with the challenge of raising two children on her own, one of which she was pregnant with at the time.  Nonetheless, she did not allow her circumstance to reign triumphant over her.  Instead, Veda refocused her attention on helping others.  She has been an advocate for women and children for fifteen years, a Court Appointed Advocate for children in juvenile court (Clayton County), and Atlanta Organizer for the Million Woman March.  She has also worked as a Parenting Workshop Coordinator for Hand in Hand Counseling Service, as well as a Coordinator for United Auto Workers Women SPO.

Veda is very much committed to her community, and she truly believes in the power of networking and team building.  As such, she is a member of Integrity Networking Group, Riverdale Kiwanis Club, various book clubs, Volunteer at Arrowhead Health Care Center and she is a board member for the Atlanta International Supporters of the Arts and Clayton County Friends of CASA, currently taking a course from the University of GA Grassroots Leadership Institute Volunteer grandparent for Kemp Primary and Elementary Schools. But Veda also stands strong in her belief in an ultimate, higher power, whom she says is her greatest inspiration.  She is a member of the White Plains United Methodist Church, where she serves on the Pastor’s Parish committee and work with the Children’s Ministry.  She lives her life based on the philosophy of being committed to providing all the emotional, social and resources available to ensure women that they can achieve all goals through perseverance and commitment, ultimately freeing themselves to live a whole and productive life.  “My life is all the more complete when I see that my efforts have helped others reach milestones in their lives that might not have, otherwise, been achieved,” says Veda.

A resident and active community citizen of Riverdale, Veda is the mother of two children, Tenika (proceeded her in death) and Cecile.  She is also the grandmother of four, Kennedy Alexandria, Chase McKenzie, Paige Reese and Asa Alexander.  Her hobbies include reading, graphic designs, and event planning.

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4 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Veda Brown

  1. Clea says:

    This is an amazing business woman, mother, etc. Wonderful choice Word Press!

  2. There are so many nice things I could say about Veda Brown. From how beautiful she is inside and out, or how much she cares for the victims and gives of herself always. When I first spoke with her on the phone she was very welcoming. She invited me to one of sister circle gathering and I haven’t looked back. Veda and the group of women in her organization are some of the most caring, giving. hard working women that I have ever met and I am proud to call them my sisters. If you are in Atlanta and need any type of resource or just an ear Veda Brown and Sister’s Empowerment Network give those ladies a call. Congratulations Veda!! Just the beginning!

  3. Cee Alexander says:

    Veda Brown, my mother, is an exceptional woman. She has always been dedicated to helping others in need. I remember at a very young age, my mother, having me help with fundraisers to raise money for those that were less fortunate. She is truely amazing and I am honored to be her daughter and a part of her wonderful organization, Sisters Empowernment Network, Inc., she is working to empower the future of all women.

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