Today’s Honoree is Daniel Odess

Daniel B. Odess is the President of East Coast Public
Adjusters in Coral Gables, FL.

Daniel B. Odess joined ECPA as an appraiser and adjuster in 2007. When  ECPA’s founder passed away unexpectedly in 2010, Mr. Odess had already demonstrated extraordinary talent, drive, and dedication to the firm’s  goals. He assumed the role of president in 2010 and, under his dynamic  leadership; the company has continued to prosper. Mr. Odess has  expanded ECPA’s geographic reach while advancing its reputation for  integrity, innovation, and outstanding customer service. Meaningful
community involvement is a key element of his vision, as shown by the  marketing partnerships he inaugurated with the Miami HEAT basketball team.

Before joining East Coast Public Adjusters, Mr. Odess served as  construction manager for major residential, commercial, and  institutional projects in Washington, D.C., area and in Miami. He also  succeeded as an entrepreneur, advising construction professionals and
developers on an array of issues, including risk assessment and  insurance claims.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Daniel Odess

  1. Thank you for this great honor. East Coast has operated from its Miami Headquarters for over 20 years thanks to late my father-in-law Patrick Catania, who accomplished so much and paved the way for our firm’s great success. He had tremendous vision, knowledge, and commanded so much respect in the insurance industry. I strive to continue on his legacy everyday, by serving only the interest of the Policyholder. Thank you again!

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