Today’s Honoree is Shannon Rose

Shannon Rose suffers from the life threatening illness, EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). He overcame the challenges of the debilitating disease to become a major success.

The story of how Shannon Rose overcame EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and made something of out of his life is one that captures perfectly the power of the human spirit when it’s driven to survive.

• Lost his voice for a year • Suffered through paralysis of both arms • Experienced heart problems • Has paralysis of his left diaphragm

Shannon Rose started his career in pro wrestling at the age of 12 with a public access cable show that ran for 7 years in Tampa along with working for Championship Wrestling from Florida.

He was introduced to the legendary ring announcer Gordon Solie and Dusty Rhodes gave Shannon his start as a ring announcer. He met them through Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he met wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.

Rose started out his career as a ring announcer at the age of 14. 24 years later Shannon remains a respected ring announcer among the Pro Wrestling world. Shannon has worked for everyone from National Wrestling Aliance (NWA) to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

He started out his radio career working for 970 WFLA / 93.3 WFLZ. Shannon went onto opening up a number of successful wrestling websites from to and many others.

He also had the honor of hosting a WWE Wrestling sengment on MORETV32.

Rose appears in EA Sports MMA video game released in October of 2010; which Rose credits as one of his greatest accomplishments.


  • 2010 Everyday Hero * 2009 Rising Star of the Year by St. Petersburg Times Newspaper
  • Voice of Pro Wrestling Fusion • Actor • Hollywood Reporter • Featured in an upcoming video game released nationally • In talks for a book and movie project about his life
  • Shannon is the National Spokesperson for Elhers Danlos Network CARES

For more information please visit

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