Today’s Honoree is Charlie Kim

Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump has committed Next Jump to raising more than $500,000 to help fund technology in education projects on  So far 300+ projects have been funded and 140K+ has been raised.

Charlie Kim has a commitment to educating future generations of engineers and in conjunction with DonorsChoose launched a 500K fundraising challenge in late November to help put technology in as many public school classrooms as possible and expose as many students to it as possible to inspire them to grow up and become engineers and technologists.

Charlie founded Next Jump in 1994 in his college dorm room while going through school on financial aid. He didn’t become an entrepreneur to go from rags to riches, but instead it was to maintain a long distance relationship with his high school sweetheart. Next Jump grew through the first dot-com bubble to 150 employees. And more importantly, survived the dot-com bust shrinking down to 4 employees in January 2002. The company became profitable that same year, continued investing aggressively when no one else was and hasn’t looked back since. Charlie never took a dime from VC’s and private equity firms, however, raised an unusually large amount of money ($45mm) from over 100 angel investors. Charlie attributes much of his success to incredible mentors, advisors and board members, always helping him build a great company.

What is SA500 Kids?

Next Jump is partnering with DonorsChoose to support education of the next generation of engineers. We’re donating 1 WOWPoint for every $1 spent on our marketplaces to help fund technology projects submitted by public school teachers. We are dedicated to grooming the future engineers of America and addressing educational inequality and scarcity of learning materials in our nation’s public schools. This is a long-term investment as part of NxJ Cares, to help provide the tools and experiences needed for an excellent education. We hope to see SA500 Kids become the talent pursued in future years at one of our annual SA500 engineering recruiting event.

*Funded: Projects on SA500Kids will appear tentatively funded for several days during processing time. Next Jump cannot guarantee that a specific pending project will be funded.

*Includes only WOWPoints offers for tracked merchants

For more information on SA500 please go to

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