Today’s Honoree is Jacob Wallis

Jacob Wallis is the father of baby Izaiah Wallis who was being wheeled in his stroller on the sidewalk by his grandpa on the way to the park when they were hit by a teen drunk driver.  After  being in a coma for 3 weeks, 6 surgeries and 7 months in the hospital,  Izaiah returned home paralyzed from the waist down on a ventilator, feeding  tube, tracheotomy and colostomy. Jacob has left his job to care full-time  for his son, learning the intricate medical machines keeping him alive. It  is a 24/7 job.

Jacob is amazing in the way he cares for his little  son. Despite the unbelievable challenges each day brings, Jacob never complains that he no longer has a normal life. He never once asked why this  happened to his family but instead chooses to focus on the fact that he  still has his little boy with him. Izaiah’s tiny steps of progress and captivating smile keep Jacob going. No one can even fathom what this father  has to do every day just to keep his son alive. Despite this fact, Jacob is  always the first one to volunteer if another family with a child in need  requires help. He is not only an amazing father but a dedicated, focused  caregiver. Jacob is very humble and quiet but honoring him in this way  would set an example for so many others, especially young people that age.

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2 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Jacob Wallis

  1. I have personally witnessed first hand what an amazing father jacob is with his son izaiah , never once have I heard him say ”why” his main focus has an always will be baby izaiah. Jacob looks to a future with both him and his son with high hopes that the almighty God in heaven will help take care of the both of them. Never will he give up on the hope of a better future ahead, I know because I am his mother and im very proud of the real man and father he has become at such a young age.

  2. Sophia Felix says:

    I have so much respect and admiriation for my friend Jacob Wallis. Jacob is an awesome dad and a wonderful person. He always has a big smile on his face and because of him and Izaiah I have found hope and joy that I have never felt before. The way he takes care of Izaiah and the love he shows his son is undescribable.. I am SO proud of Jacob as well as the rest of the Wallis family for everything they do. They have been through so much yet they still have determination and strength to keep going and because of that Izaiah WILL have a better future. We love you Izaiah! Keep up the good work Jacob!!

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