Today’s Honorees are the Soccer Collies

Two famous athletes who can not speak for themselves because they’re canines. They are the Soccer Collies, Ms.Z & BEK and they’re collaborating with the Humane Society and the Girl and Boy Scouts as a dog rescue program is developed that will spread Nationally and rescue thousands of ball motivated dogs to a soccer community that desires a dog with soccer playing skills

Here’s a description of what the Soccer Collies do:  Groups of kids ages 2 to 92 play the goal keeper position as an incredibly talented soccer dog scores goals. Allot of goals ! It’s a competition of speed and agility as the dogs quickly show their human competitors who has faster feet. The action is fast and FURious !! Everyone wears a smile at Soccer Collies events and there’s allot of laughter, especially when adults play against the dogs. This is a serious new sport challenging enough for professional players.

It’s not just for kids, but kids and dogs and soccer brings magic. It’s Very Fun..especially for 4 to 12  year old children. The Soccer Collies have worked for or with Google, Purina, AEG WORLWIDE, MLS, WPS, L.A.Sol, L.A.Galaxy, Chivas USA, The Home Depot Center, U.S.Open, Nokia Plaza, Staples Center, L.A. County Fair, San Diego Fair, San Diego Sockers,, SoccerNation Expo, American Cancer Society, Humane Society of the U.S., SPCA, 100 Mile Club, Shriners,, Peppermint
Ridge, celebrities, schools, churches, festivals, carnivals, private parties, corporate parties, High School, College & Professional Soccer Half Time Shows and more.

For more information please visit

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