Today’s Honoree is Ginny Scales-Medeiros

Born and raised in rural upstate New York. Ms. Scales-Medeiros now resides in the San Francisco North Bay Area.  Finishing only the 9th grade and getting her GED Ms. Scales-Medeiros has many accomplishments including being an entrepreneur, a real-estate investor, an inventor with multiple patents and trademarks and an animal lover and advocate for animal rights.

With her first invention, she won 1st place in a national contest for the best new  idea/product.  A master marketer, she was a record-breaking salesperson in the auto industry and created over a million dollars of free publicity for her sunless tanning invention, including being an on air guest on QVC. In recent times, she has been a speaker for 100% electric transportation, on the board of Directors for ZAP a PR/Marketing Consultant and can be seen in the 2011 movie, “What is the Electric Car?”

Presently, she is focusing on speaking engagements and promotions about her upcoming book, “What is Normal?” and was the on-air interview guest on The Stevie Mack Show, The Personal Best Show in Chicago, upcoming ABC morning show, will be on the Dr. Mommy show and Gap tooth Diva promoting her new book. This is Ms. Scales-Medeiros first novel.


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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Ginny Scales-Medeiros

  1. Juan Carlos says:

    She is Amazing and her New Book is changing lives.. A Must Read She is also a Master at Marketing, Follow her I Am

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