Today’s Honoree is Lisa Rajna

Lisa is a hands-on elementary school science teacher, travel writer and nominee for the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. My job is exciting and the students LOVE science! I also love to talk about travel and recently had a national event in Los Angeles with over 100 people and we received a City of Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation from Bill Rosendahl for our community building and leadership. I have photos/videos of our four recent travel events in Los Angeles.

In science class, we do lots of fun experiments like making snow, creating soda, and exploding volcanoes and rockets. We also learn about issues like the Congo Conflict Free Minerals Act and we wrote to President Obama about what we learned. For the issues of water and the people of Tuvalu, my 4th graders recently were the first USA kids to watch the documentary “Trouble in Paradise” and met with the director to ask questions and learn more. My 6th graders are the first USA kids to participate in the 20th year of the OXFAM international recycled toy contest–they are loving this project. I met the man who runs/started it while hiking in Sri Lanka during the summer.

My students hear about my adventures. When we talk about measuring I show photos of the floating market in Kalimantan, when we talk about nomads, I showed them the Gers of Mongolia where we stayed. They love to learn about real places and people.

We often talk about WHY are we learning this and WHO CARES? Whether talking about plate tectonics and the earthquakes and tsunamis that have happened recently we talk about how does it impact our planet and the local people. Have many other examples of how I am teaching empathy and conscientiousness. Happy to tell you more.

Some science project examples:

1st gr science book:
It is an e-book of our water cycle project in the style of the author, Simon Basher who we spoke to by Skype.

3rd gr science: Biomes Project: art/science/library author study: Steve Jenkins (I have the other 34 animals which I have to add!)

4th gr science: Congo Conflict Free Minerals letters to President Obama and his answer! Based on JWW Projects.

I write a column for LA MOM magazine called, “Science and your child.” I also write for the Lifestyle Family section at

Recent articles:

You can restore the Ocean:

May the force be with you, Physical Science and your child:

Connecting to earth day through family activities:

Science summer fun about nutrition & cooking:

My goal is creating and inspiring lifelong learners and little linchpins.  From California Department of Education: “We are all born with natural curiosity about our world. Science is an extension of this curiosity. When we read about a new discovery, watch a bird fly, or think about how something works, we are doing science. When we pursue knowledge we are doing science.”

For more information about Lisa please visit

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