Today’s Honoree is Joan Jude Richardson

Joan Jude Richardson (J.J.) makes a positive difference in her community by  her endless volunteer dedication and desire to work with children. J.J. is  committed to 3 volunteer opportunities including: St. Jude Children’s
Research Hospital Radio-a-thon, “expERIEnce Children’s Museum” and donating  gifts to kids in the UMPC Hamot Hospital at Christmas time.

1. As a child herself, J.J. always wanted to become involved with children. Every year since 2002, she has  volunteered her time to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Radio-a-thon. She takes phone pledges and prepares donation packages so St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital can fulfill its mission of finding cures  for kid’s catastrophic diseases.

2. For two consecutive years in a row, J.J. has completed over 122 volunteer hours each year at the “expERIEnce Children’s Museum” in which she participates in many projects such as birthday parties, organizational activities and special events. Her pleasant personality and endless energy is perfect for inspiring kids at the educational and entertaining museum exhibits.

3. Using her own money, J.J. donates gifts to sick kids at UMPC Hamot Hospital during the Christmas holiday. One day she hopes to become a pediatrician, but for now J.J. is committed to providing supportive care to kids with her donation of books, puzzles and jewelry as a way to achieve a happy holiday while away from the comforts of home.

J.J. Richardson as an example of someone who is  deserving. She is a true inspiration for making the world a better place. Her endless volunteer dedication creates a difference for many kids in  the Erie, PA community.

Please vsit JJ’s website

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