Today’s Honoree is Rasheid Edwards

Rasheid has more than fifteen years of community service and personal development experience ranging from adult literacy programs and business idea innovation development to youth academics, sports and juvenile justice mentorships (Lorenzo Benn Youth Detention Center). With a BA in Psychology and over 7 years experience in behavioral and success achievement technologies provided through services such as speaking, coaching and hypnosis, Rasheid has systems and results that prove anyone can become the change and or success they desire. His specialties include but are not limited to: Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Quantum Touch and numerous other modes of personal, mental-fitness.

Rasheid Edwards provides professional coaching services through his company, Mental Infinity, LLC. Rasheid is also the author of The Secret Commitment: 7 Keys for Goal Achievement and Transformation.

Undoubtedly, our experiences in life are a reflection of how we perceive our environment. Whether we experience success or failure will depend on our perception of the two. However, more often than not, the journey to success will begin with the subject changing his or her perception of where they are and how to make strides to where they want to be. Often, just being more objective about their results and experiences without judgement will be enough of a catalyst to begin the transformation. However, in other cases, the individual will need more direct coaching. I help individuals not only get clear about where they are and where they want to go, but I also assist them with building the momentum and staying their chosen course.

As a mind and transformation coach, Rasheid overstands that the challenges plaguing the average individual aren’t their circumstances, but their perception and thinking related to their circumstances. He imagines that part of what many coaches face is educating clients on how to effectively change their perception before they can implement their programs. In many relationships that Rasheid establishes with connections, he positions himself as the “cleaner.” He has tools and and skills that help prepare prospects for the next phase. Rasheid’s experience as a coach and hypnotist has taught him that we have unintentionally spent a lot of time programming our minds to work against us. As Stephen Parkhill states, “the human mind is the greatest goal achieving agent known to man.” The question is, what have we been programming our minds to achieve?

What people are saying about The Secret Commitment:

 “I found your book to be very powerful. It gives the reader a process for getting to where they desire to be from where they are.”
Constance Arnold – Spiritual Success Coach, Author, Host- Law of Attraction Radio Network

“I have read hundreds of self-help and other instructional books, but never one that was as simple, direct and specific on how the reader could put the ideas to use. I immediately started using the action steps and my life has already improved for the better. The Secret Commitment can transform your life as well if you simply practice the life changing principles therein. “
Decarlo Eskridge – Spiritual Coach, Author, Speaker, Host – Blogtalk Radio

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  1. andyclyde says:

    I am very happy to see Rasheid get this honor


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