Today’s Honoree is Rina Jakubowicz

Rina Jakubowicz is the owner of Rina Yoga in Miami which currently has  two locations, one in Coral Gables and one in the J.W. Marriot Marquis  Hotel in Downtown Miami. Rina is a teacher, author, motivational  speaker and a yoga instructor and is known for her vibrant and  uplifting approach to yoga as well as a teacher of teachers. Rina will  inspire you to reach the pinnacle of personal achievement and joyfully  challenge you to go beyond it. Rina’s first book, Choose Peace,  empowers others to feel the potential that they have within and  instill motivation for deeper healing.

Click the pic to order the book

Rina has been featured in Discovery Channel Latin America, Univision’s  Tu Desayuno Alegre, as well is Plum TV, The Miami Herald, South  Florida Today, The Examiner, and Miami Today, just to  name a few. Rina also conducts unique teacher trainings and travels  extensively hosting workshops and international retreats.

For more information please visit and,

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