Today’s Honoree is Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams is an outstanding, genuine and giving woman. She and her sister started a business based on a simple act of kindness that has become a game changer in the heath and wellness industry. She gives of her time, energy, and a portion of her businesses proceeds to local charities such as CaringBridge, Open Arms and Children’s Lighthouse of MN.

Stephanie is a mother of two children, co-owner of The HopeFULL  Company and active member of her community. She dedicates a great amount of her time, energy and her company’s proceeds to local charities. She makes it her mission to help those who are struggling with eating difficulties.

The HopeFULL Company came to fruition in a beautiful, organic way through a dear family friend who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in 2009.

Like many people undergoing chemotherapy treatments, eating was no longer an enjoyable activity for our friend. She struggled to find foods that she could tolerate and that would give her enough calories and nutrition. Knowing we both made homemade baby food for our children, she asked us to make her meals which were small in portion, packed with nutrition and without strong flavors. We were thrilled to help and dove enthusiastically into the project.

A week later we delivered our frozen “whole-food pops” (now known as HopeFULLs) to our friend, each with a unique message of hope. The HopeFULLs satisfied her pallet, soothed her mouth sores and filled her tummy with healthy fat, protein, calories and nutrients when she needed it most. We also brought with us a message of hope and peace.

This friend of ours passed on six months later, after touching the lives of many with her grace, dignity, humor and tenacity. The HopeFULL Company happily dedicates some of its proceeds to local charities in her honor.

Twenty months after delivering our first batch of frozen HopeFULLs we launched The HopeFULL Company. We are proud of our products and are excited to provide a way to feed those having trouble eating while delivering a message of peace, hope and love.

Although the HopeFULL Gift Pack was developed for children and adults having a hard time eating due to cancer (and chemotherapy), our cheerful pops have quickly become popular with just about everyone! From parents of picky eaters to those who just want a healthy snack on hand – it’s easy to fall in love with frozen HopeFULLs!

The HopeFULL Company Mission:

We aim to make it easy to prepare satisfying, nutrient-dense and easily edible meals for those having trouble eating.

We aspire to provide friends and family of a person experiencing dysphagia or other eating problems with a method to support their loved one.

We wish to share HOPE. Hope for strength, hope for healing and hope for tomorrow.

For more information please visit:


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