Today’s Honoree is Jes MaHarry

From an early age, Jes MaHarry‘s love for the beauty in nature was clear. Riding horses bareback and wandering for treasures throughout the forests and fields of upstate New York, her bond with nature never ceased.

In college, she majored in illustration and fine arts. Subsequently, Jes went on to pursue her passion of artistic expression in making jewelry indicative of nature’s spirit. In her early career, she worked several jobs while financing her growing business, now known as SunHorse. She was simultaneously forming relationships with Native American artisans and African bead traders. As time went on, she integrated her creativity and emerging skills, her love of color with precious beads, and her love for illustration with raw metal.

She spends countless hours molding nature with her own imaginative spirit to form the foundation of her own unique expression. Her hand-hewn, free forming sterling silver, gold and platinum pieces are easily distinguished and collected world-wide. After having achieved global success, she now employs a staff of artisans to assist in rendering her spirit in each individual creation.

At the hands of Jes MaHarry, she also dedicates her work to giving back and making a difference in order to contribute to a better world. Actively working with over sixteen different non-profit charities and organizations such as The California Wildlife Center, The Gentle Barn, Global Fund for Women, Cookie for Kids and many more, there are also various charms, ornaments, and bracelets within the Jes MaHarry line where all or a portion of the proceeds from purchases go to these organizations and their causes

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