Today’s Honoree is Mrs. America and Mrs. World April Lufriu

April Lufriu is a 42 year old Tampa native with heritage roots from Guanaja,
Honduras. She is a wife and mother of three children – Chad, Brandon, and Savannah. She runs a successful granite & marble fabrication business called Lufriu Marble, Inc. with her loving husband George and works part-time as a model and dental hygienist. April was crowned Mrs. Florida America 2011 after  the third attempt over a four year persistence. Her destiny to win the 2011 Mrs.  America crown became evident as her perspective on life changed with the 2010  diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa – a retinal degerative eye disease affects April  and her two children (Brandon and Savannah). Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a
genetic retinal degenerative eye disease that gradually leads to blindness. April
also made history by being the second oldest winner, in the pageant’s 35 year
history to be crowned. Her motto is “Become What You Believe” and to live life
without limits.

April and her sister Melissa pioneered in establishing the Foundation Fighting
Blindness and Tampa Chapter in 2007. Both sisters co-chaired Tampa’s first
VisionWalk in 2008 which raised $42,000.00. Now April serves as the Tampa
Bay Chapter President from 2007 to present and was awarded the 2010
Volunteer of the Year at this years Vision Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

April’s mission as a mom is to find a cure for RP. She speaks at numerous
events about her journey to becoming Mrs. America 2011-2012 and the
foundation she tirelessly advocates and supports. Her goals are to raise
awareness and funds for retinal degenerative eye diseases. Now with her new
title as the National Spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness 2011
April is reaching out at the national level to fulfill her mission.

April Lufriu, Mrs. America, was recently crowned Mrs. World 2011 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Silvia Cornejo from Peru, Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, was the 1st runner-up, while Mrs. Vietnam Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, 32, was the second runner-up. The top 6 completed with Poland (4th), Russia (5th), and Jordan (6th place). The semi-finalists came from Korea (7th place and voted Mrs Congeniality), Brazil (8th), France (9th), Panama (10th), Hungary (11th), North America (12nd), Germany (13th), Greece (14th), and Akhazia (15th). Mrs Spain was chosen Miss Photogenic by press photographers covering the event. 
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