Today’s Honoree is Brandy “BrandyWine” Rankins

God bless! Erupting past the deep trenches of trial, tribulation, and the impossible, comes the birth and fresh anointing of internationally acclaimed poet, published author, and inspirational speaker Brandy *“BrandyWine” *Rankins. Her testimony and endurance alone spells faith. BrandyWine (as known when performing) was introduced to her gift of writing at the early and fruitful age of 8 years old. Since that time God has been maturing the gift of writing, speaking, ministry, and evangelism within her.

From co-hosting on Cleveland’s own, *The Prazinest Station Radio 1000*to streaming live on Atlanta’s edifying Gospel broadcast *Crunk 4 Christ,* Brandy “*BrandyWine”* Rankins is becoming widely known as an immovable force for the Kingdom of God! BrandyWine guest appeared twice with host Pastor Dan on TCT’s #1 acclaimed television show *“I’m Just Sayin”;* this show broadcasts daily to over 170 nations.

Offering up her gifts of spoken word and motivational speaking, BrandyWine has already published and written 3 life-changing books, released her first spoken word album, and will release her 4th book before this year’s end. From January to July of 2011 alone, BrandyWine had already fulfilled over 50 speaking engagements which include but are not limited to: schools, conferences, churches, open mic venues, radio, and television. BrandyWine’s artistic yet distinctive gift of evangelizing God’s grace, mercy, and healing to the nations reinforces her purpose of “speaking life” into seemingly impossible situations to any with an ear to hear. BrandyWine is the founder of SpeakLife Ministries where *“Anointed Words of Hope, Breaking UnGodly Yokes”* is more than a motto but a lifestyle.

BrandyWine doesn’t embrace worldly egos or influences to express uniqueness or diversity amongst audiences. Instead, she allows the message to be your greatest inspiration. Through her speaking and writings, she exemplifies her trials of embarrassment, grief, and shame to encourage the masses that they too can and will overcome with faith in God. If you are up to the challenge, her books extend an open invitation for you to journey the highs and lows of brokenness to a final destination of breakthrough; confirming that God is not only real but still performing miracles.

Get ready to laugh, cry, but most of all become inspired during these times where the economy is low, violence is at an all time high, yet God is forever faithful! These books are for everyone. Don’t miss your chance to voyage through words inked upon pages defining salvation, redemption, and new hope.

On August 4, 2011, BrandyWine (along with 4 members of her family) was a contestant on the nationally celebrated game show *“The Family Feud”*where she was blessed to work alongside comedian and actor Mr. Steve Harvey.

BrandyWine has spoken in seminars sponsored by such organizations such as “The Christian Writer’s Guild” in Dayton, Oh, The Realtor’s Association, Cleveland State University, etc. BrandyWine has been the host for Ursuline College’s Black History Month’s poetry night since its birth two years ago.

BrandyWine was born Brandy Poteat on October 6, 1977 to parents Kent and Sharon Poteat. She is the youngest of five amazing siblings: Eric, Jared, Jodi, and Senequa. BrandyWine is the proud wife of loving and anointed gospel musician Thomas “Da Answer” Rankins Jr. and the mother of four beautiful and remarkable children: Jah’Mir-8, Toma’rez-7, Braelyn-4, and Brielle-3.

Name:  Brandy “BrandyWine” Rankins Name of Business:  SpeakLife Website/Blog: Twitter: @Brandywine001 Facebook Profile:
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  1. Thanks Leslie and Deidra.

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