Today’s Honoree is Stylicia A. Bowden

Ms. Bowden was born and raised  in Detroit, Michigan, “The Motor City” where she started creative writing at  the young age of 8 years old. She wrote plays, poems, short stories and songs  throughout her childhood. Creative writing was a way to express her thoughts  and emotions freely without any judgment from the outside world. She collected  many journals which contained her poetry, songs, and thoughts.

As she grew  writing became more of a way of life for her where it ignited a passion from  within. On December 15, 1998 she joined the military which she accrued a  prolonged writer’s block during her military career. However, she ventured the  world abroad being exposed to places such as Rome, Italy, England, St. Thomas  and Puerto Rico. During her final year in the military while stationed in  Charleston, SC she began to write after an 8 ½ year hiatus.

In 2007 she  completed her first poetry book entitled “Soulseeker. Ms. Bowden went on to write three more poetry books entitled “The Princess Within: The Soul  of A Woman”, “All About Him: The Experience “and “The Writer’s  Block: The Sound Of The Spoken Word”.

After exiting the military she started her business The Writer’s Block  in June 2008. Her business was created to help other writers develop their  voice in print and understand the process of becoming a self published author.  Her goal was to create seminars and workshops to assist the eager writer in  transitioning their manuscript to book form and teaching them the importance of  marketing their story to the world.

In Stylicia’s budding career  she has appeared on numerous blogs, radio and tv shows during the last couple  of years. However, since her journey as a writer, poet and author have taken  flight she has also produced and hosted her own poetry show in Charleston, SC
entitled “A Night Of Poetic Elegance”. Her first show took place on November 6th,
2010 which featured the combination of spoken word and jazz.

In June 2011 she  hosted and produced the 2nd Annual Show of “A Night Of Poetic  Elegance”. Ms. Bowden had an even greater  passion to perfect her spoken word artistry so on March 6th, 2010 she completed  her first spoken word cd entitled The  Sound of The Spoken Word. This poetry album was her calling card to the  world giving them a glimpse of her unique powerful voice.

In 2011 this spoken  word artist began to evolve in poetry which led to er completion of her second  studio CD entitled The Anthology Of My  Soul. She has performed spoken word throughout the southeast region in  states such as Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina and more. Ms.  Bowden’s desire is to continue to allow her gift to make room for her and bring  her in the presence of other like minded individuals. She has a passion for her  artistry to continue to set standards and break barriers in her poetic genre.

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