Today’s Honoree is Jack Eadon

Author Jack Eadon’s rich and diverse life has inspired his American Drama Series: his sixties memoir focusing on his rock band in Chicago; a novel of mystical revenge set in a corporation in Texas; the story of getting over loss in his life at a new advertising photography studio in Southern California; studying his wife deal with a male-dominated corporation, also in  California; a novel about how karma affects a young couple, set in Wisconsin; a novel about a copywriter’s email relationship with an abused Asian woman, and a neighborhood mystery surrounding a mysterious hit-and-run death in a burgeoning  community in Kansas.

Jack Eadon began by writing a book in grade school, then a short story. In high school he began a decade in rock music with the band Khazad Doom, writing many of the songs with a moralistic drama theme, something he continues to put into his writing today.

He entered the corporate world with his MBA in 1974, which took him to 1983, when he opened a business in Southern California. Now, after having lived in Illinois, Texas, California, Kansas, and Illinois, Jack resides back in southern California with his executive wife and Caspurr the Cat and Pookie the dog, and writes full time. He relies on a few close friends and a network of e-mail buddies to provide him a support system. He travels occasionally, doing book talks in the many places he’s lived.

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