Today’s Honoree is José Alejandro Flores

BATI [pronounced bah-tea] is the Founder of the VOS brand and is more formally known as José Alejandro Flores. He is an entrepreneur by nature; having the advantage of also applying his invaluable knowledge acquired by his multi-national corporate experiences over the years and his International MBA. Philanthropic principles are ingrained in his personal and professional values, which in turn he readily applies to his vision of the VOS brand. The commitment to be an environmentally conscience brand along with contributing to the social responsibilities amongst global communities in need, are done in a manner that is second nature to him and his organization.

Having charismatic parents of both U.S. and Guatemalan nationalities has provided BATI with an identity benefit, exposing him to a culturally diverse environment his entire life. He has utilized this identity benefit as an inspiration for the creation of the VOS brand, infusing his ongoing life experiences in both the developed and developing worlds. His first-hand awareness of the endless array of issues that our global communities face, led to the simple but profound question: Can you afford to care?

His multi-cultural background and international mind-set permeates into all aspects of his professional life, which is spurred by his appreciation of all cultures, languages and cuisines. He is currently completely fluent in English and Spanish, comprehends Portuguese and is developing Italian language basics. He appreciates listening to the Bossa Nova and Bachata music genres and is an avid follower of the global sport of soccer.

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