Today’s Honoree is Elaine Williams

Elaine is a victim of sexual abuse which led her to food, drug and alcohol addictions throughout high school, college and her early teens. Now 11 years sober, Elaine is helping college students and professionals recognize the warning signs and dangers of abuses and addictions. She speaks to an average of 50,000 people a year and is also the author on the subject. She is different from most speakers who present on this topic, because she is a comedian and uses humor to engage her audience and share her experience. She does not point the finger, lecture or scare the audience, but empathizes with them and gets them to laugh (the opposite of shame and loneliness which people often feel around addictions and abuse).

Elaine Williams, “girl next door” had it all – the brains, the charm, and talent to be drill team captain, a national honor society member, on the dean’s list and involved in her choir and community. What she hid was she was also victim of emotional and sexual assault which led her to abuse her body with food and substances becoming bulimic and putting her life at risk.

Realizing it takes the same amount of energy to make yourself strong as it does to be miserable, Elaine started her journey to a healthy life. Today as a certified Life Coach, she uses her comedic talent to engage audiences in discovering that the way to your heart is not through your stomach, and happiness is not found in a bottle.

Elaine Williams is an award winning stand up comedian who has appeared on SaturdayNight Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX, and has been featured in The New York Times. This sassy comic’sinspiring and soul-baring story of food, drug, and alcohol addiction is as educational as it is entertaining. She uses her training as a Certified Ford Institute Coach to fully engage and interact with her audiences.

*Elaine’s Mission:*

My artistic vision is to help break down barriers between classes and cultures through thought provoking, enlightening, and transforming theatre, writing, and comedy.
My projects deal with people embracing their humanity, questioning their beliefs, and broadening their own perspectives and horizons, and therefore causing audiences to engage in this process as well.

My commitment is to be a part of the global shift of raising the world’s consciousness.
By constantly embracing my own creativity and compassion, I am giving others the permission to raise their own spirit and engage in higher frequencies of thought, energy, light, and flow.

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