Today’s Honoree is Alastair Ong

Alastair Ong is the CEO of GreenSoul Shoes. GreenSoul Shoes (GSS) is a 100% recycled, waste reducing shoe company that aims to shoe 1 million shoeless children in 10 years. They are a social enterprise that provides a global marketplace for Third World shoemakers and for every pair of shoes sold, we also give away a pair to a barefoot child in the same community.

Alastair is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully created, financed and launched two online technology companies,,, and a real estate company, Ong8, LLC. Before starting these ventures, Alastair was an attorney specializing in structured finance at Brown & Wood, LLP and a litigation associate at Wilson, Else, Markowitz, Edelman and Dicker.

The things that make Al a terrific candidate are the intrinsic ones. He has a great way of engaging people on a human level and one that has made him so effective in his role at GreenSoul Shoes.

Help spread the word about Al’s work

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Alastair Ong

  1. Dan says:

    Wow! This guy is pretty amazing. A great example to other aspiring Entrepeneur’s out there and a model company for green, earth-saving ways to help and be profitable simultaneously! –Dan

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