Today’s Honoree is Thomas Da Answer Rankins

Growing up in a city where murder, robbery, drugs, and thug life are the only choices most young men believe they have, Da Answer never imagined the Lord would have him where he is today.  Born Thomas Rankins Jr on October 24, 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio, Da Answer once lived the wild life he now ministers deliverance from.  He says “…not only can you be delivered too but you don’t even have to go the route most of us went.”  It doesn’t take wildin out for you to have some great testimony.  Allow my mistakes to be the example of what you should not do.  By the grace of God alone I made it out but many of my family and friends were a day too late to say the same.”

Da Answer almost immediately knew he had a special gift in the art.  By the time he reached high school, he had rocked secular stages with what some would consider the best at that time; including Lil Flip, Devin The Dude, Rap-A-Lot Mafia, and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony to name a few.  He believed he was on his way. However, in 2004, Da Answer was called to his rightful position and was soon baptized and forever changed.

New to the faith, Da Answer toned down his explicit lyrics slightly until the Holy Spirit convicted his “being on the fence” with Revelation 19:15-16.  It was then that he decided it was either all or nothing.  He attempted to rap for Christ but wasn’t quite sure how to maximize his potential artistically without compromising his walk, so he left music.

While in Pennsylvania in 2006, Da Answer was introduced by his brother-in-law to Christian Rap unlike anything he’d ever heard.  It was Trip Lee’s If They Only Knew CD.  I didn’t really like Christian Rap and I had already given up being fed by secular artists. No disrespect to anyone else that was doing it at that time but everything I heard before that was either corny or carnal.  Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure I could still rap and be saved at the same time,” Da Answer says humbly.  After hearing the CD, a fire was ignited and he was inspired to re-enter the world of music full throttle.

Since his musical re-birth, Da Answer has become an international inspiration, touching and ministering to lives farther than he alone can reach.  He has graced stages with artists like CrossMovement Records Level 3:16, produced hundreds of songs, appeared before over 175 nations on radio and television, including TCT networks #1 rated show “I’m Just Sayin” with Pastor Dan Willis, TBN’s “Praise the Lord,” JCTV’s “Exit 16,” featured as a contestant on the acclaimed game show “The Family Feud,” alongside actor/comedian Steve Harvey(Oct 2011), and even had songs from his new album featured on behind the scenes footage for a Showtime/BET/ HBO short film (“Life’s Poison”) before the album was even released. Of all his accolades, he is most proud of his family and community service and was recognized by citizens and officials as Cleveland’s Finest Leader/Father 2009.

In his freshman album, “State-Of-Emergency”, he discussed the urgency of repentance; he then equipped you with the tools necessary to remove anything that separates you from God in his sophomore album “Tear It Down.” Now mature and deeply rooted in the faith, Da Answer embarks a movement that engages the lost and challenges believers to proactively stand up for the truth in a dying world with his new junior release Truth Music. In this potent “heavy hitter” Da Answer boldly delivers his resignation from the culture of Hip-Hop and opens the door for a genre and culture that is a new covenant to the Kingdom art of arranging sound.

Da Answer is the loving husband to beautiful wife and published author, Brandy “BrandyWine” Rankins, and the father of four small amazing children: Jah’Mir-8, Toma’rez-7, Braelyn-4, and Brielle-3

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3 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Thomas Da Answer Rankins

  1. K.Virtue says:

    awesome!!! I am so happy about this!

  2. BrandyWine says:

    Go babeeeeeee! We are so proud of you Great Man of God!

  3. Tracy King says:

    Blessings to my awesome brother.

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