Today’s Honoree is Mel Kotlyar

Just so you know who I am, over the past 9 years I have become a serial entrepreneur having created over 6 companies and currently in the process of creating a non-profit foundation for kids with Cystic Fibrosis to be able to see the world while they can through amazing adventure trips. I truly love traveling and creating companies and after traveling the world and living on an Island for a year, I decided to focus on my 6th company of guiding others on their adventure through their own personal enterprise. I have created to guide other serial entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs on their journey to success by consistently helping business owners over come their #1 speed bump…..themselves!!!

I’ve dedicated most of my life to finding the most powerful tools and strategies that get results in the shortest amount of time. Using a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and business coaching techniques, I have been successful in creating breakthrough results which help guide ambitious entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals in a shorter amount of time.

I started running the Young Entrepreneur Society in Orange County and San Diego in partnership with Louis Lautman (creator of the YES movie)  in ’10 and have created an environment for entrepreneurs to come and mastermind with fellow peers.

During the past nine years I have worked throughout North and Central America, spending significant time in Toronto, Los Angeles and Orange County, Las Vegas, Israel, The Netherlands, Costa Rica and Honduras.  Though I continue to maintain close connections with my partners in my other companies, my current focus is in my partnership with Evolution Seminars which trains entrepreneurs in NLP and Hypnosis. Those technologies have helped thousands of individuals get the competitive advantage in their communication skills so they can achieve the results they want in life.

I currently resides in Newport Beach, CA.  While I enjoy the daily rigors of work, in my “off time” I love to travel, scout real estate (a recent acquisition is property on an island in Honduras), fundraising for charities, like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Mauli Ola Fondation.  I am also an active participant in events of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Squid and Squash Foundation, and am looking forward to beginning a foundation of my own very soon.

Please feel free to contact Mel directly at 877.244.9130 for any PR or coaching inquires. You can also send an email request to

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