Today’s Honoree is Sophia White

Just another face in the media is what you may be thinking when you see the face of Ms. Sophia White. Take a moment to converse with her and you will realize that this multi faceted, Mississippi native is far from “just another
pretty face.”

Not only is White a successful business woman, she is awife and mother. She was slated to become a medical doctor, but fate had other plans. As she continues  to manage the careers of  entertainers, she has managed to make time to author children’s books , pursue
her own business ventures and set in motion a highly successful speaking career.

White’s story reads like a suspense-filled fiction novel with close-calls, vigor, courage and victory. Life has not always dealt kindness or regard to her, but she is on a clear mission to help the lives of others with her profound testimony.

Sophia White has a proven track record in the corporate world as well as the entertainment industry. She has depth, experience and transformational wisdom beyond her years and she is prepared to share it with audiences all across the globe.

As a speaker she has presentations, lectures and speeches to government entities and corporations at all levels from political figures to schools and churches all across the United States. She has wowed audiences across the Metro-Atlanta region, where she resides, with her widely publicized talk sessions, appropriately entitled, “SophaTalk.” Her  areas of expertise are in Leadership, Peak Performance, Motivation and Inspiration.

For more information:

Like The Sophia White Fan Page and See Sophia White Speak

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