Today’s Honoree is Cheryl Flaim

Chery is the Family and Youth Minister at Hamilton Street Baptist Church in Kirksville, Missouri and has been instrumental in growing the church’s outreach to needy and   ununderserved  families in a rural Missouri community. The D6 Family Ministry program which
Cheryl initiated helps transform families and grow the faith of children.

Cheryl’s Loving Our Neighbors program delivers substantial meals monthly to  nearly 50 hungry families in the neighborhood around Hamilton Street Baptist  Church.

The Slime Time Fall Festival that Cheryl coordinated  reached over 100  underserved and unchurched community families and their children. These and  other signature initiatives she has championed have been instrumental in growth  of the children’s and family ministry. In fact, the growth has been so
remarkable that the church is evaluating building plans in order to accommodate
the families and children it serves. This is phenomenal because nationwide, only
1% of churches are experiencing authentic growth through new membership.

Cheryl has been serving as Family and Youth Minister since 2010. She has previously served as  Women’s Ministry Director and Youth Minister at HSBC, and has been a member of  the church for 11 years.

She is also currently a graduate student at George Fox  Evangelical Seminary where she is working toward a graduate degree emphasizing  Ministry Leadership and Family Ministry. She is also the mother of two sons.

About Wilderness Pathways:

Cheryl recently founded Wilderness Pathways which focuses on growing and
transforming families and raising up children in faith.  An important function
of Wilderness Pathways is providing devotionals that engage families in
faith-full outdoor activities that celebrate God’s creation.  Families can
access the Wilderness Pathways blog at

For More Information on Hamilton Street Baptist Church:

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