Today’s Honoree is Rob Hartley

Rob is the creator of Thelma’s Friends The Guide Dog.  His background is in marketing ideas that reach out to individuals who are challenged.  Rob is one of those remarkable people who sees the impossible and works to turn it into the possible.  His most recent endeavor is creating a website for Thelma, who happens to be a Guide Dog.   Thelma clearly understands how important it is to serve others, and Rob is working to help focus Thelma’s talents to touch lives so people can become more involved and connected with their own pets.

Today, Rob is donating his time with the blind; raising funds for Guide Dogs and giving those individuals with challenges a way to reach for their own dreams.

Rob’s love for Thelma the Guide Dog is a heart warming story because not only is Rob on a quest to find one million animal friends for Thelma, but both Rob and Thelma have another thing in common.  Both were diagnosed with cancer and both have had surgeries.  It is through this bonding process that Thelma’s website was created and is based on their love for the blind and guide dogs.  Their journey has been filled with challenges, heartbreaks and sweat, but it has been worth it as they are beginning to see how to make dreams happen.  Their mission is to change the world one-dream-at-a-time, and they know that it starts with one-person at a time.

You will learn:

* How Thelma’s Friends came in to being.

* How the Bowling League for the Blind is helping to create awareness for Guide dogs.

* How a shared challenge between Robby and Thelma created a movement, and how you can also turn adversity in to something incredible.

* Why Thelma communicates so well with the blind, and how this type of communication is evident in many animals.

Download Thelma’s song and help make a difference.  Submit your own stories and your pet profiles.  Become a guest blogger.

By becoming a friend of Thelmas you are allowing your own pets to become involved in helping all those who are challenged.  Your pet will also be a part of helping to fund more Service Animals to those who need them the most.  It takes more than cancer to stop dreams from coming true.  Face the challenges and help change the world, one pet at a time.

Please join Rob and Thelma in their mission by visiting today.

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