Today’s Honoree is Gabi Rose

The story of Gabi Rose is one of a kind!   Gabi battled morbid obesity for 13 years; suffering from innumerable asthma attacks, excruciating back and hip pain, rosacea and migraines.  When her dress size reached 26 Gabi knew she had to take drastic action.  Gabi’s greatest fear was whether or not her unhealthy lifestyle had indirectly placed her four children and husband’s lives at risk. After a near death experience, she was determined to become a positive role model for her family. Gabi’s dedication, discipline and determination led her to a dramatic 130 pound weight loss!  Today, she is a slender size 2.  Utilizing proper nutritional counseling, exercise and embracing a lifestyle change, Gabi inspired her family to get healthy with her.  She shares her personal experience and weight loss success with everyone she meets.  Gabi has inspired millions of people to make an investment in their lives and get healthy.The Gabi Rose mantra includes, “The Training of the Body Begins with the Mind!”  Gabi motivates patients, family, friends and professional colleagues to gain more from life by losing weight and incorporating a healthy lifestyle into their everyday lives. Gabi is a living testimony of a person who lost over 130 pounds and kept it off over the long term!  She took back her life and health; now she encourages every person to do the same.

Gabi Rose is best known as an international premier obesity and weight loss expert. She is co-host, co-producer and co-executive producer of the upcoming TV show, “Absolute Beauty.”  The initial launch date of the 13 week season premieres in 2012 on National Television.  “Absolute Beauty” will bring a fresh innovative approach to exploring the beauty, fashion, health and fitness options available to everyday consumers.  Gabi is also the host and co-producer of “The Get Fit Club”; a one of a kind reality series on ABC, , South Florida.  She is the Chief Executive Officer of Gabi Rose, LLC and creator of Get Fit with Gabi Rose, Inc.; an exciting and revolutionary lifestyle approach to health and wellness.  Renowned as an avant-garde life style coach, Gabi has extensively studied the science of nutrition and weight loss.

Gabi Rose’s elite program is recognized as a thermodynamic weight loss break through.  Her methodology aids rapid fat loss, amplifies lean body mass, improves energy and increases the body’s metabolic rate. Gabi received her BA and BS from the University of Miami and graduated with a Masters in Science from Nova Southeastern University.  In addition, Gabi spent one semester studying abroad at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and completed the elementary training program with the Israeli Gadna.  Gabi has developed her own personal line of exclusive products working closely with scientists and researchers the world over. She has shared her business secrets with doctors across the United States providing useful hints to professional colleagues about increasing revenue in their bariatric practice and improving the lives of their patients.

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