Today’s Honoree is Tania Mulry

Tania is a social  entrepreneur, award-winning mobile marketing executive, mother of three and  superhero to 4 million teachers, 56 million students and their families  across the country. Through edRover,  the mobile  application that she created, Tania¹s mission is to fill America¹s classrooms with supplies by  uniting businesses and consumers in the common goal of supporting education.

Tania is tirelessly driven, incredibly visionary and deeply passionate about  education, having come from a line of educators in both her and her  husband¹s families. From a young age, she has had a desire to help others, a  dream that she is making a reality using her own funds and determination.

EdRover uses location-based technology to allow consumers to direct  donations from participating businesses to the school of the consumer¹s  choice each time the app is used for an onsite check-in or online purchase.  The app is currently available for iPhone and Windows Phone platforms with  other platforms in the works. Earlier this year, edRover was recognized by  two prestigious technology leaders ‹ AT&T and Microsoft ‹ with cash and
app-development awards. Additionally, Tania was recently received ³Forty  Under 40² recognition by her local business journal, The Santa Clarita  Valley Business Journal.

For more information please visit:

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  1. An exciting update to report – edRover is up for a $25K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Program which will help us build Android and Blackberry apps to help even more schools. Please vote for us at and stop by to check out our new Shop 4 Schools program. Thanks for your support!

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