Today’s Honoree is Nikki Buckelew

Nikki Buckelew is dedicated to helping others accomplish their dreams,  follow their passions, and live abundantly rich lives.  As a professional  business and life coach, trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Nikki educates,  inspires and empowers individuals to engage in new ways of thinking causing  lasting change and powerful results.  Challenging outdated beliefs and  stereotypes, Nikki encourages a fresh new perspective for people to live  each day with purpose and passion!

As a real estate professional who experienced an abundance of professional  success, Nikki found herself fascinated by and uniquely focused on serving
the growing senior adult demographic.  Individuals in every generation are  affected by the challenges of aging in one way or another and by facing  these challenges head-on, Nikki effectively shatters old paradigms and  shapes new ways of thinking about age. She and her husband pioneered one of  the first successful senior move management companies in the U.S. – serving  the senior adult market by catering to their needs for relocating or  downsizing at a pivotal time in their lives.  Nikki and her husband sold  their 15-year mega real estate business and senior move management company  in order to pursue new and exciting adventures in the coaching and training field.

After serving in a variety of leadership, corporate, sales, and sales  trainer roles over the past 20+ years, Nikki has found her passion and  purpose in helping others achieve success in both their personal and  business lives through her coaching, training, and speaking engagements.  Described as someone who never gives up, Nikki has worked as a counselor to  countless young women facing a range of life’s dilemmas. She has also served
as an advocate and caregiver for the elderly, making home visits and  protecting the dignity and rights of those people too weak or frail to  protect themselves.  She has served as a leadership coach and sales trainer  for hundreds of real estate professionals and has reached thousands of  individuals with her message of empowerment as a public speaker.

Nikki is a leader, known for delivering direct and powerful messages with  grace and candor. She is a coach who tells it like it is and is best  described by her clients as “honest, direct, tough. and kind.” Her audiences  and coaching clients alike appreciate her candid nature as well as the humor  she brings to pressing topics.  For a rich and fulfilling coaching  experience, her innovative online coaching journal is utilized for attaining
greater clarity, awareness and faster transformational results, both  personally and professionally.

As of this writing, Nikki has logged over 7,000 hours coaching, counseling,
speaking, and training and is a highly sought-out speaker and coach on
topics related to personal growth and increasing performance. She holds a
B.A. in Family Studies and Gerontology and a M.S. in Counseling Psychology,
and is a founding member of The John Maxwell Team as an independent
certified coach, trainer, and speaker.  She has taught in the psychology
department at Oklahoma City Community College, the adult studies department
at Southern Nazarene, and served as a mental health counselor for several
nonprofit counseling agencies.

She and her husband, Chris, reside in Southwest Florida where, as recent
empty nesters, they enjoy boating, scuba, the beach, and anything involving
fun in the sun.

Fore more information:

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