Today’s Honoree is Mrs. Theresa Burroughs

Mrs. Theresa Burroughs is a Human Rights Activist in Greensboro, AL. Mrs. Burroughs was friends with Dr. King and his family and worked along side  him and others during the movement. And, as of today, she continues to educate  and assist people in the Greensboro community and the surrounding  areas.

She’s respected by Mayors, Judges, Govenors, Congress men and women,  Senators, Attorney Generals, etc. Recently, she and the community celebrated   the ‘re-grand opening” of the SafeHouse Museum, a old house where Dr. King  was held, in order to keep him safe until he could be transported safely out of  town.

Three students from Auburn Rural Studios did the restoration and  renovation of the old “shot-gun” houses to re-create the  “feeling” of the time. Mrs. Burroughs has promoted and supported the  Rural Studios program over the years.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Mrs. Theresa Burroughs

  1. Lynn Adler says:

    I had no idea that this museum existed. I worked in Alabama in the summer of 1965, with SCOPE project of SCLC and it was a completely life changing experience. There were 4 of us white kids, living with different families in Greensboro, spending days walking the dirt roads and fields, contacting people about voter resgistration, conducting literacy classes in Rev. Days front yard, working with the brave and wonderful high school group, led by Jesse Briggins……ending up in Camp Selma prison camp after trying to march down the main street……so many memories, and I distinctly remember Teresa Bouroughs, think we called her T….irrepressible and brave ….
    how can i contact her? I would love to remeet her…..I still see her as a young teen…..
    Lynn Adler ( they used to call me Pocahantas because i always wore my hair in braids!)
    510-604-2830- cell

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