Today’s Honoree is Greg Muender

Greg Muender is the  Founder & President of TicketKick.  He is one of the most dynamic young men  I’ve ever met.  At only 24, he owns a  successful legal service, has several
other start-ups in the works, and  donates to organizations and volunteers  for good causes. He is a vegetarian,  loves animals and people and the  environment, is extremely down to earth and  totally gets life. He doesn’t  take things too personally and he is very good  at maintaining good  relationships. He truly cares about people and does all  he can to help, and  it shows in the way he runs his business and treats his  employees. *

Greg  Muender was born  In Monterey, in 1987. In 2010, he received his B.S. in
Business Management  from San Diego State University.  From the first  business Greg created in middle school to the ones that he  runs today, Mr.  Muender is very passionate about his entrepreneurial  endeavors. Greg is  always testing the waters with new ventures and constantly  looking for the  next big thing. Charity is very important to Greg, growing up  his family  taught him that giving is just important as getting. He uses the
resources  he has to benefit others who are not so fortunate, whether it be a
human or  animal. Perhaps only second to his family and friends, the
motivating force  in Greg’s life is racing. Gasoline runs through his veins,
and speed is his  sanity. Greg Muender hopes that racing remains an integral
part of his life  for years to come.*

For more information please visit:

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