Today’s Honoree is Lana Noone

Mrs. Lana Noone who, with Dad-Byron Noone, was a pioneer in global adoption when they adopted Heather Noone and  me from Vietnam via “Operation Babylift” (OBL) in 1975 and my brother Jason from
Korea in 1979.

Lana Noone established the
website-the only website to link Babylift adoptees, birth and adoptive parents  and The Vietnam Veterans and civilian who implemented Babylift.

She wrote  the book “Global Mom: Notes From a Pioneer Adoptive Family”, co-administrator of
the Vietnam Babylift Facebook Group and she speaks about Babylift throughout the  US (Ford and FDR Presidential Libraries, Smithsonian. National Vietnam War  Museum, universities, community groups and other venues).

She also  established the Heather Constance Noone Memorial Award to honor the Babylift
unsung heroes and she has commissioned 3 Babylift paintings (one archived at the
Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, MI).

If you google Lana Noone  you  can read about her humanitarian efforts on behalf of the families (she’s  reunited some of the birth parents with the adoptees), Vietnam Veterans and all  those involved in OBL

Lana Noone who, with Dad-Byron Noone helped start international adoptions
in the US.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Lana Noone

  1. Lana Noone says:

    Thank you very much for this tremendous honor!

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