Today’s Honorees are The Winner Twins

America’s youngest multiple award winning  authors identical twin sisters Brianna and  Brittany Winner, were born 11 weeks premature and spent the early years of their lives in and out of hospitals.

At an early age they faced the harsh reality
of dyslexia. They fell in love with science fiction books and super hero comics. To escape exhaustion and struggles at school, they began to create
worlds, characters, and adventures.

In fourth grade their learning disabilities began to take a toll on their self confidence and self esteem. They defined themselves by their disabilities and limitations rather than their abilities.

Their father stepped in and reassured them they were talented, intelligent, and
extremely capable. He recognized their story telling abilities and told them
that if they focused on their strengths and their passion for storytelling,
they could do the impossible, write a novel.

They combined their love of comic books, adventure stories, and science fiction and with the help of their father began writing a book. They finished their first novel at twelve years old.

The novel The Strand Prophecy won numerous awards including Best Adolescent Fiction, making them the Youngest Multiple Award Winning Authors in America.  At thirteen years old their book was distributed nationally in all Barnes and Nobles stores. The
twins regularly attended book signings, book fairs, comic cons and industry
trade shows.

At 14 years old the Winner Twins opened a nonprofit company “Motivate 2 Learn”. Through their tour entitled “If You Can Dream It… You Can Write It!” they have spoken to over 100,000 students. They inspire students to read, write and to overcome any obstacles they may face in order to achieve their dreams.

Web sites for The Winner Twins are and

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2 Responses to Today’s Honorees are The Winner Twins

  1. Nell Minow says:

    Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

  2. John Francis says:

    Great authors, but wonderful people. The girls share their passion for creativity with everyone they interact with and go out of their way to reach out to out students and encourage them to reach for their dreams.

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