Today’s Honoree is Darius Weems

Darius  Weems, 21, is a young man is on a mission: to affect a cure for his  disease,  Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and to make America more  wheelchair  accessible. Eleven years ago, Weems watched DMD take his beloved  older  brother Mario’s life at age 19. And while research is burgeoning,  Weems is  well aware that a cure won’t be found in time to save his  life. To help raise awareness of DMD, Darius agreed to star in a  documentary,  “Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life.” This film tells the
story of Weems  leaving home for the first time at age 15 with 11 of his best
(high  school/college age) friends. Their goal: to reach Los Angeles and convince
MTV’s popular show “Pimp My  Ride” to customize Weems’ wheelchair.

In 2007, “Darius Goes West”  won an unprecedented 28 film festival awards, an
even mix of both Audience  Choice and Juried awards. And at the prestigious
Tribeca Film Festival, it was hand‐picked by festival  co‐founder Robert
DeNiro as the sole flick to screen at his children’s school.

“Darius Goes West” has  fans of all ages, but with its powerful themes of
friendship and living life  to its fullest, the film has particularly struck
a chord among teenagers. For  this reason, Weems and his crew’s recent
travels have mostly focused on  visits to middle and high schools across the
country. In these settings,  Weems, with his megawatt smile, is consistently
treated like a rock star.  “This is better than the Jonas Brothers!” remarked
one sixth grader upon  meeting Weems and his “band of brothers.”

Teachers also give the  film high marks, because it comes with lesson plans
in Social Studies,  Science, English, and Math for grades 6 through 12—and
because it inspires  young people to dream big and pursue their passions.
According to Dr. Mark  Wilson, National Principal of the Year, “It also pulls
adolescents ‘out of  the mirror’ and motivates them to take action.”

Weems grew up in  the projects and is being raised by a single mom who is
also disabled.  Financially, they barely scrape by. His movie has been so
successful that  Weems could easily be living the good life. Instead, he has
chosen to donate  all of the film’s proceeds to DMD research. To date, he has
raised a whopping  $2 million—and students who’ve watched the film have
contributed over  $120,000 of that sum!

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2 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Darius Weems

  1. Barbara Smalley says:

    Thanks for shining the spotlight on such an amazing young man. I’ve seen his movie, and it’s beyond inspiring. Keep up the great work you’re doing to share incredible stories of unsung heroes!

    • Glenda Bates says:

      What an awesome, unselfish outlook on life to share yourself with us. Thank you, Darius and mom for being so generous.

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