Today’s Honoree is Haleh Resnick

Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick is truly dedicated to helping and making a difference. She goes beyond caring for her children by taking our life and sharing it with others through her writing.  Haleh speaks to other parents about trusting their gut and how to successfully navigate the health system.

Haleh, wife and mother of five, has taught for 20 years, practiced as an attorney at top national law firms, studied communication and group dynamics creating and leading programs for education and advocacy. She is author of Little Patient Big Doctor: One Mother’s Journey. Today she speaks to groups about patient advocacy, trusting one’s instincts and partnering with doctors.

Haleh has written Little Patient, Big Doctor to help improve relations between doctor and  patient.   Haleh didn’t always receive sufficient information, open mindedness or respect from the medical profession, but she persevered.  While she maintains respect  for traditional medicine, she has learned a whole lot more along the way that
she would like to share with parents in similar situations.  In addition to  various alternative paths such as Reike and Qigong, Haleh believes that mutually  respectful relationships between doctor and patient are an important part of the healing process.  Not to mention a little attitude. Who couldn’t use some of that?

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  1. Thanks for the honor. I appreciate it.

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