Today’s Honoree is Liz Cosline

Liz has been in business management for over 23 years
receiving several  awards. She worked in different industries such as  healthcare and  transportation. She has appeared on many radio and speaking  engagements.  NAPW – Woman of the Year – Coaching

In her over 23 years  she has devised motivational skills for employees and  for management that  allows all to succeed. She writes articles on this
subject about motivating  employees, respect of employees, and a host of
other subjects. She is now an internationally known and published author,
Life Ownership Coach, and  speaker. Liz coaches individuals to the balance of
life, achievment of goals,  action plans through an amazing program with 30
years of research behind  it.

A program has been developed to address the training of the front line
manager to have managers recognize team building as an art. From the
Front  Management training program.

For more information:

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Liz Cosline

  1. Ruedester says:

    Innovative ideas from Liz….Coach and Creator of Song of One Unexpected Life and From The Front Management!…..

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