Today’s Honoree is Ursula McGlone

Ursula McGlone is the present day ”woman who lived in a shoe
You will be amazed as you listen to her share stories of children who have been rescued from being severely abused and neglected, of their survival and the McGlones’ journey with the children through their healing process. Ursula and her husband, Jason, have as of date, adopted 6 of these children, have 1 adoption in process and have 6 foster children, all living with them in a single wide mobile home in Southern Ohio.

Ursula and her family live in what has been broadcast on television as “Pill Billy” area (so called because of the availability, proliferation and rampant abuse of prescription
painkillers). However, you will see that Ursula and her family are trying to
help right the wrong done to so many of these forgotten children, who are the
innocent victims of this epidemic.

Ursula has a touching, yet humorous way of telling of the
day to day activities of having so many children in such a small space. You
will notice that she doesn’t complain, just says that “it’s cozy” with a smile
on her face.  Ursula will tell you in her one of kind way, that the key to
helping these children is “unconditional love” and a strong belief in God.

Ursula and Jason keep giving that “unconditional love” every
day, despite death threats, physical attacks, and anything else that comes
their way. As you hear Ursula speak or read her stories, you will be
entertained by their adventures, amazed at their transformations, and inspired
to become a light for little ones, too.

Ursula’s first book, “Did You Know Dinosaurs Eat Rice
Krispies” is expected to hit bookstores in the Fall of 2012.

Read more about Ursula’s Story:

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