Today’s Honoree is Amy Young

Amy Young is a mother, a wife, a three-time cancer survivor, a speaker, an entrepreneur, author of “In God’s Eyes” a radio talk show co-host, and the Founder and CEO of Yes! to Mammograms, a non-profit organization that provides free mammograms to low-income and uninsured women.

Soon after arriving in England on a military assignment with a 3-month old and a 14-month old, Amy discovered she had a brain tumor. She was treated, went into remission for a year, and a year later discovered another tumor had surfaced. Amy was alone in a foreign country, trying to take care of a newborn and a toddler who could not walk, the result of Cerebral Palsy, and trying to adjust to military life overseas.

In 1995, just three months before her husband was scheduled to retire from the Air Force, Amy was diagnosed with cervical cancer during a routine PAP exam.

After her husband retired from the Air Force, Amy once again enrolled in college and completed her degree in Health Services Administration and nursing.

Later, Amy worked in the oncology unit at one of the local hospitals and was once again face to face with cancer. This time was different. This time she saw the devastation cancer had on the patient’s family and close friends, not just the patient. Cancer was not just about the patient anymore. Many of the breast cancer patients had never had a mammogram.

In 2008, Amy created Yes! To Mammograms, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. She and her husband began pooling their personal money together at the end of each month so they could help at least one low-income or uninsured woman a month get a mammogram.

Amy and her story of survival and encouragement have been featured in several newspapers and magazines, and she has been a popular guest on several radio talk shows. Currently, her story is featured in Dr. Christina Schlachter’s book, “She Leads the Way: How to Lead Your Own Career & Life Transformation … And the Stories of Women Who Have.” Amy has also recently been nominated for the L’Oreal Women of Worth Award.

Company: Yes to Mammograms
Recent Releases: In God’s Eyes
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