Today’s Honoree is Randall Peyton

As  an orthopaedic joint surgeon, Dr. Peyton gives patients the opportunity to run  again, walk again, and enjoy their lives again. I have heard, read, and seen  testimony after testimony of his talented work.  You can read one story  here,

Dr.  Peyton has distinguished himself in the field of orthopaedics and is considered  both a leader and a pioneer in many respects. He has helped to advance the field  of orthopaedics, provided the most state-of-the art care for our patients :

* Designing the “Simplified Tensor” for Total Knee Arthroplasties  (TKA).
* First in the Northern Virginia/DC Metropolitan Area to implant the
Oxford Unicompartmental Knee.
* First in the world to  implant the Biomet Taperloc Microplasty Stem.
* Assisting in the design of  the Biomet Taperloc Total Hip System.
* Exploring Metal on Metal Articular  bearings for Total Hip Replacement.
* He is the first to perform bilateral  hip replacement in Northern Virginia.
* Teaching  other orthopaedic surgeons ACL reconstruction utilizing hamstring tendons.
*  Advocating cartilage manipulation to delay joint replacement.

He inspires others  to work harder every day. Not only  is is a great business man, but he balances his family and busy successful  practice, always making time for his family.

Lastly, he takes time to  give back to the community, supporting many charitable organizations over the  years. He has sponored the Arthritis Foundation for over 7 years now. This past  year we started a “Donate-and-Wear-Denim-Day” where every first friday of the  month we donate to one local charity and in return our employees get to wear
jeans to the office. Here’s a link with more information.

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