Today’s Honoree is Carl Satterwhite

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Carl Satterwhite, President of RCF Services, for Today’s Honoree. I met Carl in 2007 when The Voice of Your Customer became a certified minority-owned business. Since that time, Carl has become my mentor, advisor and friend.

The Voice of Your Customer was founded as a sole proprietorship and a home-based business. Statistics indicate that 50% of all minority-owned businesses fail within the first 12 months and thus, my dream was to simply “stay in business”. Fortunately, Carl had bigger dreams for me than I had for myself. Through a series of lunch meetings and mentoring sessions, Carl convinced me that I had the talent, leadership and aptitude to expand my business into an “enterprise” with additional staff and the capacity to expand my client base beyond the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Carl knew that my road to expansion included exposure to potential clients, a commercial office space and a line of credit. Since 2007, Carl has afforded me the opportunity to attend no less than 100 lunch and dinner meetings, benefit galas, professional sporting events and minority business conferences as a guest of RCF. These events created exposure for my business and often resulted in signed contracts and invitations to serve on the boards of many reputable non-profit organizations in the region.

Carl also encouraged me to relocate The Voice of Your Customer from my personal residence to a commercial office space and to assist with the financial burden of the move, RCF donated all of the office furniture for our new location! Most notably, after unsuccessful attempts to secure a line of credit for The Voice of Your Customer, Carl contacted a friend in banking to “expedite the process”.

Over the years, my dreams have transitioned from simply trying to stay in business to becoming an industry leader, employer and community advocate. Since 2007, The Voice of Your Customer has received several local, region and national awards. I know that these successes are direct results of Carl’s belief in me and his support of my business.

Fortunately, Carl’s kindness extends to the community as well. Carl believes that the small business community will only thrive if there are many successful small businesses. You would be hard pressed to find a minority business owner in South Central Ohio who has not benefited from his words of encouragement, charitable donations and monthly business trainings referred to as Executive Straight Talk. His mantra is “Give to Get to Give” and with each interaction, I have the pleasure of seeing Carl give of his time, talent and treasure.

It is for these reasons that I recommend Carl Satterwhite for Today’s Honoree.

Kind regards, Crystal L. Kendrick, President

For more information about RCF Services:

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