Today’s Honoree is Linda Rohrbough

Linda has made extraordinary life changes. After suffering a broken back in a car accident in the late 1990’s and nearly losing her writing career, Linda worked for years in physical therapy, then had an adjustable gastric band placed in 2003.

Since then she’s lost over 140 pounds and a dozen dress sizes. More importantly, she regained her life, her career, and has turned her story telling skills toward writing novels in addition to technical applications.

Her specialty is making technical subjects more personal by including stories, or case studies, of ordinary people solving real-world problems.

Linda’s focus is to encourage. Through her books, she works to inspire and motivate readers. And she offers practical workshops for writers. Linda Rohrbough (pronounced “Roar’-bah”) has been called a nationally recognized consultant on marketing a manuscript. She has over 5,000 by-lined articles and seven books to her credit. She’s been honored for her work in both fiction and non-fiction, and is the recipient of five national writing awards. She won two of those national awards just last month for her newly released suspense novel The Prophetess One: At Risk. She also has an iPhone App of her popular “Pitch Your Book” workshop for writers available in the Apple iTunes store. Visit her website at

See Linda’s video at:

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