Today’s Honoree is Alethea Salazar

Alethea J. Salazar is the author of Angels of Redemption, a single mother  of four boys and owns a consulting business for builders and developers in the amazing  city of Las Vegas, NV.

Alethea  always had a love affair with literature.  She dreamed of becoming a published author and to fulfill her lifelong
passion to become a writer—

Her  inspiration for Angels of Redemption  came from life altering experiences—Like so many other Americans she  struggled to make ends meet in a faltering economy. For years, Alethea worked  as an architectural manager in the building industry…and was making a handsome  living…when she found herself jobless and collecting unemployment for the first  time ever in her 20-plus year career.

“Talk  about a very humbling experience,” said Alethea.  “Unable to find a job to save my life…even Wal-Mart  wouldn’t hire me.  My family convinced me  to start my own business. I became a consultant for builders that no longer had  the staff to run their businesses efficiently due to downsizing. But even going  out on my own I’ve never come close to replacing my lost income. We found  ourselves quickly losing ground financially. At one point, we were even days  away from having our home of 10 years auctioned off. I was in quicksand…and  sinking fast.”

As  she continued to slide down the slippery slope of financial devastation the
fear of failing her sons gripped her like nothing ever had and the thought of
being homeless after all those years was more than she could bear. Fear,
despair and persistence quickly took over—

That  is when the idea for her book, Angels of  Redemption, took hold. The story is about a woman struggling with her own  loss and despair as she is faced with the ultimate decision that will change  the fate of her life and soul forever.

Now—Alethea  has been inspired to write a second book…Please visit her at: and Facebook

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