Today’s Honoree is Linda Webb

Linda Webb is an inspiration when it comes to educating people. Creating awareness to help others. Linda boxed her way through college on the college boxing circuit (33 – 0). After graduating, Webb began a career in law enforcement working in the morals unity as an undercover prostitute, in-vice, narcotics, and in the elective-enforcement unit. Here, she became one of the first policewomen motorcyclists in the United States. In addition, she repelled off bridges and jumped from helicopters for the dive rescue team. Linda is a master in firearms training. Webb wrapped up her police career as a white-collar crime detective. For fun, the Fraud Dog enjoys speedway racing, dirt biking, racing sailboats, windsurfing and surfing. Linda is now in the private sector of financial fraud. Linda has dedicated over 30 years to fighting international and domestic fraud rings, handling some of the most complex cases in the world.

With 25 years of corporate and public service experience, Linda developed many functional competencies that include: claims operations management in all lines of insurance; loss prevention; risk management; internal audit operations; corporate compliance integrity programs; complex Investigative operations; domestic and international investigative experience; and law enforcement.

Linda Webb is currently the President of Contego Services Group, a game changing insurance services and cost containment solutions company. Her expert tenure in the investigative field also includes working as the Assistant Vice President for American International Group’s (AIG) World Investigative Resources, Inc. located in Dallas, Texas regional headquarters.

Linda has directly supervised the domestic investigative operation for AIG, overseeing 4 regional directors, and 61 investigators across the United States. Her hands-on expertise working very sensitive investigations domestically and internationally, involving high end corporate exposure cases, which could have resulted in damaging media exposure. Linda has worked very closely with local law enforcement, task force operations, FBI, special prosecutors, Attorney General, and other federal and state enforcement agencies who work in the fraud arena. Between the years of 2005 to 2007, Linda participated in over 10 international, federal, and state task force operations domestically and internationally involving over 70 million dollars in potential fraud exposure from all different types of industries.

Linda also has hands on experience dealing with OIG, OSHA, FDA, EPA, DOT, and other regulatory personnel on high end exposure related accidents, resulting in death in multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, mining, trucking and transportation, and high rise building. Linda has personally conducted over 900 industrial accidents, internationally and domestically.

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