Today’s Honoree is Murray Bass

Murray is an 83 year-old who has devoted his retirement years to the cause
of reversing the decline in children’s literacy levels by creating and
personally funding/running a not-for-profit that serves a community of
several thousand pre-schoolers annually, ensuring they enter school already
literate. His work began in 2001.

Our Mission:

The Founders of this Nation envisioned a country populated and governed by
literate, patriotic people. To fulfill their vision, Tools of Learning for
Children commits to this mission.

We will raise funds and provide materials for two purposes: to facilitate
children being able to read – the foundation of all learning – and to help
them understand that they are blessed to be citizens of the United States of

Our Objectives:

To develop a literate citizenry, we seek to introduce a successful reading
program — Frontline Phonics — to selected preschools.

To promote appreciation of our system of government, we distribute booklets
containing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to teachers
and students in the grades where US History is taught.

To achieve these goals, we raise funds and provide these materials without
charge to both public and private schools.

Our Organization:

Tools of Learning for Children (TL4C) is a non-profit organization,
established under Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code. Its structure consists of
a Board of Directors and Teams that carry out the various functions.

I am nominating Murray because:

1) He is an unsung hero

2) He has created immense good and benefit in his community and for our

3) An extremely principled man, he has selflessly dedicated himself to doing
good in the way that he is most able to. This is to be applauded and

I am: the co-author of How to Learn-How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven
Barriers to Comprehension. And co-host of the radio show: The Learning
Curve. I am very aware of what is going on in the educational and
literacy areas, and I can say that Murray is one of the shining stars that
deserves recognition.

Roger E. Boswarva
Chairman and Founding Partner
Ability Consultants. Inc.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Murray Bass

  1. Thank you Derrick. Pictures of ugly old men can be appealing.
    Tools of Learnng for Children has helped more than 20,000 kids get pn the road to successful lives since inception. Our vision is a literate America. . It is ossible. .Thanks for the visibility you have given me and my program. I can only hope that others wil see what is possible and want to help me make our vision a reality. Tjanks again.
    Murray Bass Today’s Honoree EIN 32-0194489

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